Genesys creates, delivers, and maintains Talent Clouds via a proprietary, patent-pending process. The sophistication and detail of that “behind the scenes” process result in a seamless and simple experience for the talent seeker and a shorter path to the talent they need.

Using our process and technologies, our Talent Curation team populates each Talent Cloud with thoroughly curated and validated talent and then facilitates the hiring process via the Genesys web-based Talent Cloud Portal. Working together with your team during the implementation phase, we gain a thorough understanding of your needs and processes within your organization and then “map” our processes and level of curation to those needs.

By performing validation and curation on the front-end, candidates can be reviewed and engaged in a fraction of the time needed in the traditional model – and at a lower cost. Additionally, our curation team and technology maintain engagement with candidates and monitor ongoing health of clouds to ensure availability and promote redeployment of proven cloud members so cloud value grows over time.