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Talent Seekers

The traditional contingent workforce supply chain takes a reactive approach to meeting immediate specific demand with the goal of matching one resource to one given job. It also does relatively little if anything to redeploy that person or keep track of qualified candidates that were not selected.

Designed primarily to address more critical higher volume or recurring demands, Genesys works collaboratively with customers to identify where our solution is a fit and proactively develops talent clouds to address those needs. Rather than relying solely on job boards or applicant tracking systems full of outdated resumes, Genesys uses a holistic sourcing strategy as well as force multipliers such as recruitment marketing and referrals to reach widely dispersed audiences of specific candidates.


Working with Genesys

 Learn the answers to some commonly asked questions about working with Genesys.

What Drives Us

 Genesys formed around a distinct purpose that propels every aspect of what we do.


 Our technology philosophy and the role it plays in connecting talent with opportunity.