I’m interested in joining Genesys.

What’s different about Genesys? How is it different from staffing agencies and job boards (e.g. Monster, CareerBuilder)?

Genesys uses a combination of technology and people – our Talent Curators – to identify and invite new members to join when we believe we can match their talents and experience to known opportunities or likely demand. This maximizes our chances of connecting them with a great opportunity. We don’t simply post jobs like a job board or just attempt to match people to a single job opening but rather develop Talent Clouds where you can be presented to a much larger range of opportunity. Our purpose is to provide you with a more human technology-enabled experience while connecting you with worthwhile opportunities.

What types of work arrangements does Genesys place job seekers in?
Is there any cost associated with being a Genesys member?
How does Genesys know if I am available to work/looking for a job?
Can I refer friends? Are there any incentives for referring friends?

I am currently working in a Genesys opportunity.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my paycheck or about entering my time?

As part of your onboarding process, you should have been provided with details regarding the specific payroll provider and processes. If you are still unsure, please contact your Talent Curator and let them know.

What happens when my contract assignment comes to an end?
Does Genesys provide benefits?
Do I have a specific point of contact through Genesys?

I’m a customer or interested in becoming one.

Is Genesys a technology company?

We are a technology and services company focused on proactive talent clouds in response to existing or projected needs of hiring companies.

Is Genesys a “niche” supplier?
How does Genesys provide cost savings over traditional suppliers?
How can we get the most out of Genesys?
What does Genesys need from me, the customer, to make my program a success?
How does Genesys reach candidates?
How long does it take to fill a specific position?
Are clouds targeted towards specific jobs?
If we wish to provide Genesys a list of our alumni employees/contractors, will those candidates belong to us?
Will I have access to candidates other than those I provide?
How does a candidate move into my specific cloud?
When does Genesys actually engage candidates?
How does Genesys track candidate availability?
Will candidates in my cloud also be in other customers’ clouds?
Does Genesys have a referral capability/portal?
Who will actually have access to the Genesys Talent Cloud Portal?
How is Genesys priced?
What are the implementation costs?
How does your solution work with customers who have an MSP program in place?
How does Genesys work with a VMS?
How does a candidate move from Genesys into my VMS without creating additional work for my team?
Will the Genesys Talent Cloud Portal connect to my Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
What SLAs are offered by Genesys?
On direct hire placements, will Genesys offer a guarantee if that resource doesn’t work out within a specific time-frame?
Who do I call if I have a problem with the technology?
Do you have a helpdesk?
What level of security does the Genesys technology offer?
Does Genesys have any relationships with any Veteran Service Organizations?