The Team


Rick brings with him over 20 years of leadership experience and success in the human capital space. His reputation as a forward-thinker and innovator in the industry has allowed him to build world-class delivery organizations as well as industry-leading offerings to meet a wide range of client needs on a national scale.

Over the years, Rick realized that numerous layers and inefficiencies had cropped up in the contingent labor marketplace and that both candidates and hiring managers were suffering as a result. So, he often thought there must be a better way to meet the needs of the enterprise while ensuring that the talent and those hiring them got what they need and deserve. This purpose driven thinking was the seed from which Genesys has grown.

WILLIAM PRICE – Chief Technology Officer

Bill has been on the forefront of the evolving workforce for the past decade seizing opportunities to apply technologies in new and exciting ways to advance the gig economy. By connecting social, digital and consumerism trends Bill has been successful in advancing new and innovative ways to connect the new breed of worker with the Enterprises that need them.

At the heart of Genesys is a new workforce paradigm that can only be advanced though technology innovation. So Bill will be busy growing a new breed of technical leaders who use highly successful product development methods to imprint technology on the Genesys business model.

In his spare time, Bill can be found scuba diving as he holds multiple instructor level and advanced diving certifications.

ADAM GOULD – VP-Brand Experience

Adam brings more than a decade of experience in the staffing and MSP space to the Genesys team. Learning the business in detail from the ground up, the detail and scope of his industry knowledge offer a great perspective on the marketplace and how best to change it from within.

Adam provides overall leadership for the Genesys brand including marketing and plays an integral role, along with Product Experience, in shaping the direction of the Genesys solution. He is passionate about making a difference and believes higher purpose is the most crucial element of success.

In his spare time, Adam can be found riding American V-twin motorcycles, working on motorcycles, or thinking about motorcycles.

COURTNEY CLAIBORNE – VP-Strategic Partnerships

For over 15 years, Courtney has channeled her passion for helping others into growing best-in-class talent acquisition organizations, creating enterprise wide training programs, and developing national customer relationships.    

Courtney is responsible for providing coaching and training to both our offshore and onshore curation teams, as well as account management and support to our strategic client partners. 

When not drinking wine and lounging on patios, Courtney enjoys spending her free time running, singing, and dancing (and depending on the song that comes up on her playlist, you can spot her doing all three at the same time). 

MICHAEL ROBERTS – VP-Product Experience

Having worked as both an IT contractor and within the staffing and recruiting industry, Michael has a unique perspective on the interaction between technology and processes in specific industry context. That knowledge is essential as a framework for creativity and in optimization of the Genesys product experience for all stakeholders.

Michael manages the day to day activities as they relate to product development and our technology ecosystem. He also contributes to the ongoing innovation at Genesys Talent along with Brand Experience.

Michael enjoys participating in or experiencing anything that involves creativity or problem solving including; musical composition, stage lighting, and auto mechanics.



MARTIN MATULA – VP-Product Development

Martin brings to the team 20 years of application development and innovation experience with over 15 years developing leading solutions for VMS and MSP providers. Most recently, Martin invested 6 years in Product Management in the SaaS space including 2 years with an innovation lab at the world’s largest staffing firm.

Martin is accountable for maintaining a tight connection between the Genesys purpose and vision, and the technology solutions that we create to deliver a technology platform that meets the goals of the business, while providing an exceptional experience for candidates.  He is passionate about clever and well-designed software that solves real human problems to make the world a better place.

When not buried in his laptop, he moonlights as a singer/songwriter and performing musician.  Martin lives at the beach with his chihuahua sidekick, enjoys surfing, fishing, biking, and traveling the globe in pursuit of the endless summer.


JULIE SEMLER – VP-Talent Solutions

Throughout her career, Julie has always been an innovator and a creative thinker.  Using her skills and talents in project management, solution design, and sales, she plays a valuable service delivery and client advocacy role within our organization.  

After working in Enterprise Consulting Sales and then Staffing Sales and Account Management, Julie decided to focus on the digital staffing space where she’s worked since 2014.   Julie combines her experience in the contingent workforce industry with knowledge from digital staffing to design and deliver low risk, high value solutions to our client base.  

Julie is “the cool mom” who loves to wake surf and anything that involves the water.  Her husband, two kids as well as her two dogs are the center of her universe.

MARY PATRICK – VP-Talent Curation

Mary brings over 25 years of leadership experience and success in working with Enterprise accounts. Her reputation as a tactical delivery manager in the industry has allowed her to deliver resources for large enterprise clients on a global basis. She is known for her pragmatic, solution oriented thinking and single-minded focus on getting the job done.

Mary provides leadership to the Curation efforts at Genesys and utilizes her unique ability to quickly identify key client criteria and drivers and tailor a talent acquisition approach that most effectively addresses them.

Outside the office, Mary has a variety of interests including spending time with her two rescue dogs and enjoying time with her family.




THOMAS WILLIAMS – VP – Account Development

Thomas is a tenured Business Development and Management professional who brings to Genesys a valuable range of customer facing and internal management talents.  Before joining the Genesys family, Thomas invested over a decade in the IT staffing and services industry where he excelled at developing deep, productive relationships with key customers as well as leading and mentoring internal staff.

As part of the Genesys team, Thomas is responsible for optimizing current relationships to ensure our customers obtain maximum value from our solutions as well as new Business Development.  Additionally, Thomas collaborates extensively with the Genesys Product and Cloud teams to develop strategic sourcing plans to ensure that our customers have access to the right talent.

In Thomas’ spare moments, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, golfing, coaching little league, and keeping up with Texas Tech sports.