Tarina R.

Global Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider | Customer Service Rep

“I was not looking forward to the daunting task of submitting my resume when I heard about an opening through Genesys. I had the expectation that it would be like every other website where you upload your resume, fill out an internal application that asks for the same information that is already on your resume and then wait for days for a call back for an interview. However, the Genesys system was a refreshing and pleasant surprise. I was able to quickly submit my resume and use their cloud based technology to show them my unique personality. The hiring process was speedy and made me feel like they truly value their candidates. I believe Genesys innovation is paving the way for the hiring process of the future.”

Leon J.

Global Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider | Customer Service Rep

“When I submitted my resume, I was contacted the same day by a Genesys team member. She thoroughly explained the job description and sent me all the required materials to get started. She guided me through the online video interview (which was a blast!) and a short, written assessment. It was fun, (yes I said fun!) going through the Genesys process and I am looking forward to completing this assignment and seeing what’s next.  I would tell anyone this is a class organization and only good things will come to you if you sign up with them.”

Getty A.

Major Lender and Financial Services | Senior Underwriter III

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Genesys team member for her outstanding customer service.  Her confidence and knowledge of presenting the job description to me was remarkable. Her follow ups with me are greatly appreciated. Great choice having her as your employee! You should be very proud of her.”

Matthew R.

Top3 Consulting and BPO Firm | Credit Quality Auditor

“I have dealt with many a recruiter in the weeks since I was let go and my Genesys team member is by far the most prompt and helpful individual I have ever spoken to. Changing companies is a very difficult transition to make. Having someone who actually feels invested in what happens vs. someone who is just pushing resumes is extremely refreshing and has made the whole process so much easier for me. I have a handful of former colleagues that were looking for work the last time I spoke with them. If they are still in the market, I will be immediately referring them Genesys’ way as I honestly feel they would be in great hands. Thank you again for all that you do Genesys team!”



Brooke F.

Top3 Consulting and BPO Firm | Senior BPO Mortgage Recruiter

“I have had the pleasure of working with Genesys Talent for the past few months and I can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism and attention to detail. They do not cut corners and take great pride in their work, and have made several external agency placements on a very tough profile to fill and to grasp. They integrate and adapt well, conforming to our demanding needs and have the wherewithal to succeed from a global perspective, as they prove by managing offshore resources.”

Jeff W.

Global Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider | Customer Care Center Manager

“I was recently presented with an opportunity to utilize a new talent acquisition service and tool in screening potential candidates for a new contact center project that required expeditious action and decision making in order to meet rigid deadlines.

Genesys’ Talent Cloud Tool provided the opportunity to screen candidates in several ways prior to on-site interviews. The ability to see the candidates responses to questions through the video recordings coupled with their written responses provided the opportunity to compare candidates’ ability to articulate in a spoken as well as written medium. These tools also allow for assessment of attention to detail and professionalism that had previously not been available until the face-to-face interview process.

Like many call-center professionals I have certain areas that I assess during the screening process. One such item is a “nontraditional” email address. As a result of being able to see an individual’s communicative capability in responding through the video format as well as to the written questions, I was able to select one of my top candidates in this recent hiring effort. Based on my “nontraditional email” test, this individual may not have made it through the initial screening process without visibility offered by the talent cloud tool.

In addition, Genesys team members have effectively utilized the feedback provided during the screening process to improve the candidates offered in the tool making the screening process streamlined and ultimately very productive.

Once we had staff on site the Genesys team has been very proactive in responding to any issues that arose and were very quick to respond and take action!”

Julie L.

Top Industrial Distributor, North America

“Genesys has done an amazing job augmenting out internal staffing team as our hiring needs have surged. Through their talent cloud approach, they have found us very high quality candidates within an extremely aggressive timeframe at very advantageous pricing. They are absolutely our “go to” for external hiring support.”