Our Philosophy

For decades, the staffing and internal recruiting world has primarily focused its energy and resources on the needs of companies and defining the objective details of the descriptions of jobs they were attempting to fill. They would then go out and try to source resumes with bullet points that most closely matched up to the bullet points on the job descriptions. It’s an approach that doesn’t fully take into account that the most important piece of this puzzle is a human being – the single most complex “asset” a business has.  The fact that business people have referred to talent as “Human Capital” for several decades is incredibly telling.

In the traditional way of doing things, everyone has sought to “own” the candidates and closely guard their information and resumes in proprietary databases to ensure only they themselves could benefit IF a job came to light with them or with one of their customers.  So, if the staffing agency customer or the internal recruiter’s business had no need for the candidate they languished in that database. This is especially unproductive in the contract or consulting areas where the ability to consistently find the next assignment is what makes working that way a viable alternative to traditional, full-time work.  The harder it is to consistently land that next gig the fewer people who are willing to adopt that workstyle.

All in all, we believe that this way of thinking is outdated and broken.  People are going to work where they want and leave a job for another when they so desire. Simply hoarding their resume doesn’t change a thing except to minimize people’s opportunities, make the labor marketplace less resilient and fluid, and create unhappy employees who are developing and growing at a much slower pace.

Genesys believes that by focusing first on what’s best for the talent that the best needs of the companies’ are actually met.  When people are provided with the greatest range of choice and opportunity and when moving from one job or gig to the next is easiest is precisely when they grow and perform the best.  As a hiring company, would you rather have unhappy or marginally satisfied people that stay because they have no other option?  Or would you rather have a more frequent coming and going of happy, productive employees who are continuously growing and developing?

We believe in the value of options and mobility and personal expression and happy employees and wildly successful companies that hire them.  And the most important part of our belief system here at Genesys is YOU, the talent.  THE PEOPLE.