It seems the Information Age has been around so long no no one really speaks about it much anymore let alone references the Industrial Age.  Yet we are still using practices to find and hire people developed over a century ago during the industrial age.

Worse yet, these practices have not evolved and improved with automation and available technology, but have instead become more bureaucratic, inefficient, and generally frustrating.  Of course technology has been applied around the fringes and has automated existing processes but what about a wholesale reinvention?

What about a new way of thinking that resets how we connect with work as well as what “work” itself means?  Hiring managers can’t find good talent, it takes over 50 days on average to fill a position, and candidates are subjected to an experience that is far removed from enjoyable and often barely tolerable.  There is a better way and Genesys Talent is defining it.

The following three principles are core to the future as we see it:

  1. Transparency and control must be put back into the hands of the candidate with a simple but powerful experience that puts joy back into the process of finding work.
  2. Develop new means for quantifying a person and a job, our work and life experiences are too detailed and varied to be effectively captured in a single job title.
  3. Instead of unknown recruiters searching for numerous candidates on every open position give the individual job consumer the power to perform highly targeted searches that produce a good selection of highly relevant opportunities rather than an endless list to filter through.



HOUSTON, TX, October 12, 2017 – Today, Genesys Talent LLC (Genesys), a Houston based innovator in the talent acquisition technology and services space and pioneer of the talent cloud concept, announced the release of the PREDICTe feature suite for use in creating and curating talent clouds.

PREDICTe is a suite of product features designed to apply AI to improve the employment experience using predictive technology. The product’s suite of features includes the automated sourcing, engagement, and matching of candidates with job opportunities.  Through a fusion of technology, workflow automation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data analytics, PREDICTe can reduce the time required to connect a candidate with an ideal employment opportunity by as much as 90%.

“The Genesys product continues to rapidly evolve as we seek to move additional control and visibility into the candidate’s hands while reducing the undesirable downtime between work engagements” said Rick Roberts, Founder and CEO of Genesys.

As a result of these new features, Genesys is able to curate talent and build talent clouds much more rapidly and efficiently often using a combination of both public domain and customer supplied data.  “We work with our customers to analyze the wealth of information they have stored in their legacy databases.  Our Talent Data Activation service uses that static data to identify and unlock viable talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional sources” says Bill Price, CTO of Genesys.

Over the last year, Genesys’ team of software engineers/architects, data scientists, and product professionals melded their expertise with machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and state of the art taxonomies. As a result, Genesys is completely revolutionizing the talent attraction and employment experience for all types of job seekers across the board.  Talent clouds can be built in days, talent sourced in hours, and jobs filled in minutes. related services and solutions.

“It’s difficult — and getting even more so — to make Spend Matters’ 50/50 lists, and we’re thrilled Genesys Talent made it onto the 2017 Spend Matters 50 to Watch list,” said Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters. “This list is the product of intense debate, discussion and refinement each year by our analysts. This year saw new coverage areas and increased competition among providers in existing segments. Genesys Talent earned a deserved spot as one of the procurement providers worth watching in 2017.”


About Genesys

Genesys is a Talent Cloud innovator focused on providing exceptional experiences for our curated talent resources as well as enterprise companies seeking accelerated and broader access to an ever-expanding talent spectrum. Genesys is focused on driving efficiency and lowering cost over that of traditional sources. By combining a suite of job consumer and job creator facing technologies with patent pending processes, Genesys creates more efficient pathways between talent and enterprise companies. Functioning as a true solutions partner, Genesys works with companies to deliver strategically aligned Talent Clouds that represent a new dimension of talent strategy optimization. To learn more about Genesys, visit


David Cooper – EVP, Strategy