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Stop wasting time searching through mountains of resumes to a few potential candidates that aren’t interested in your job. Let us provide the right talent. Genesys Talent will source candidates that are well-qualified, interested, matched, and ready to work! MatchLists can serve large staffing firms or independent recruiters in support of direct hire or contingent roles in local and nationwide markets.

What is a MatchList?

A MatchList is the fastest way to reach qualified candidates who have been matched to your specific hiring criteria.  After you post a job description and example resume, we return the top matches to you (often within hours). You are free to contact them directly with no strings attached.

What is a passive candidate?

Our unique approach is based on establishing a long term relationship with candidates. We don’t just find them jobs.  We find them careers. Because of this unique relationship and our state of the art technology, we are able to predict the best career moves. We are able to reach the 85% of workers who are interested in changing jobs if the right opportunity becomes available. This provides a powerful incentive for passive candidates to seek employment with you, creating a win-win outcome.

How much does a MatchList cost?

Individual licenses are priced at $99.00.  Annual subscriptions (up to 10 MatchLists per month) are priced at $2995.00 (less than $25 a list!)

Who can order MatchLists?

MatchLists are for anyone with an open position to fill. We offer two pricing options to fit your needs. If you hire infrequently, then the single use price is the most cost effective option. However, if your hiring needs are more frequent, we offer an annual subscription which significantly lowers the per list cost of you MatchList.

How MatchLists Help You

What do I need to do to get my MatchList?

There are several pieces of critical information we need in order to deliver the best candidates for your position. Please review our MatchList Checklist here to make sure you have all accurate information ready to submit.

How will I get my MatchList results?

You will receive an email notification every time a new candidate is added to your MatchList. Candidates are added within the first 48 hours (some return within the first hour) of your MatchList request.  

How long does it take to get my MatchList?

With just a job description and sample resume our cutting edge technology  sources candidates in a fraction of the time it takes a human recruiter. Average MatchLists deliver candidates within the first 24 business hours and update in real time.

What if my MatchList doesn't return enough candidates?

We guarantee a minimum of two matched, available and interested candidates per MatchList request. If you do not receive at least 2 candidates within 7 business days of your MatchList submittal, you will receive a full refund on your MatchList request. Please allow 24-48 hours to process all refunds.

What if my MatchList doesn't return candidates I think are a good fit?

All candidates are matched based on the job description and sample resume we receive from you.  If your MatchList didn’t provide the right match, please reference the MatchList Checklist here.

What if I receive candidates that already exist in my database?

Our MatchList system works on delivering the best candidates based on your job description and requirements. We cannot promise you that every submitted candidate will not exist in your current pipeline. What we can assure you is that the candidates that exist in your MatchList fit the job opening, are interested in your position, and available for employment.

Creating Your MatchList

From "not a good fit" to submit!

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